The prize for content marketing is clear and compelling:

  • Predictable pipeline
  • Transparent ROI
  • Brand profile earned through trust and authority

So what’s the problem? Well, truth be told:

B2B content marketing is simple. But not easy.

It’s simple enough to create content. And that’s the big problem – your prospects are drowning in it.

of b2b marketers are creating more content than a year ago*.

‘More content’ is becoming the default answer. Not ‘better content’.

Not ‘engaging’, ‘motivating’, ‘inspiring’, ‘enlightening’, ‘useful’, ‘career defining’ ‘like-able’ ‘worthy’ content…

And creating content that your prospects actually care about is just part of the job. Getting your content into the right hands is where the difficult bit really begins.

Throw in the complexity around measuring content performance and it’s no wonder that so many b2b marketers are a little frazzled with it all.

Behind closed doors the conversations go something like this:

I struggle to:

Keep on top of…

‐ constant ‘game changing’ in search and social.
‐ shiny new tools. What’s actually relevant and effective?

Keep a grip of…

‐ brand and editorial control.
‐ internal stakeholders. Both the apathetic and the overzealous.

Keep it simple…

‐ over engineered marketing automation platforms.
‐ How many personas does the world actually need?

Keep it real…

‐ long term investment in content assets vs visible quick wins.
‐ meaningful ROI reports.
‐ OK, do we actually have any ‘brand stories’?

Is the current answer actually part of the problem?

Everyone and their dog is reinventing themselves to deal with the 2015 content marketing challenge. Current Road to Damascus conversions include:

Current conversions



Search marketing agencies Link builders Brand journalists
PR agencies Media strategists Digital optimisers
Creative agencies It’s the ‘big idea’ It’s the ‘sum of all the parts’
Digital agencies Digital whizz kids Creative storytellers

Maybe it’s time to stop – and start again?

Maybe it’s time to look at the new challenge with a new approach.

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