New tool to analyse what your content says about your personality

The IBM Watson Personality Insights Service allows your content to be put through the scariest looking algorithm of all time.

Your next piece of prose can be scientifically scored against a number of key points of data analysis including your emotional range, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness and openness.

Take the psychopath test at your peril. This piece of technology: “uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text data that a person generates through blogs, tweets, forum posts, and more.”



The top b2b content of 2015

The teams at Uberflip and Buzzsumo will be running through the top b2b content of 2015 in a webinar this week.

Two businesses who have an absolute handle on the most potent content topics, themes and trends.

Could be a very useful webinar session for 2016 content planning.


Interactive content gets easier

Interactive content looks likely to continue to grow as a weapon of choice into 2016 and beyond.

But B2B brands have been reticent due to the resources required and complexity involved in creative, design, UI, UX and development.

Rich and immersive brand experiences are great but they do cost.

A key trend in recent months has been for b2b marketers to test b2c interactive content platforms first to see the traction.

Quizzes are now recognised as the most shared content format on social.

A great platform to test quizzes for content discovery is Interqzzr. The key bonus for b2b marketers is that data capture for premium content can be tagged to the answers given in the upfront quiz.

If a quiz is engineered around market pain points then it is an interesting way of profiling prospects before you bucket them in your CRM or marketing automation platform.

The harder part is identifying a quiz topic that will resonate enough with your audience.

But isn’t that the perennial challenge for content marketers anyway?


Marketing automation for SMEs gets interesting

Salesfusion has beefed up its capabilities in the hotly contested SME space with a $13.5m investment. It will be interesting to see how much traction they can gain on the entrenched competition.

The proposition of ‘Marketing Automation Simplified’ will certainly be put to the test. End users are still crying out for some usability basics while nearly all marketing automation vendors beat the same ‘simplicity’ drum.

If Salesfusion does break the mould by offering genuine simplicity they may even break the industry model and actually turn a profit.

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