Are you ready for content atomization?

Another week. Another jazzy term:  ‘content atomization’.

Jay Baer has pulled together a worksheet with no less than 49 tactics to atomize your content marketing

For the initiated:

Content atomization = Taking a strong content marketing platform or theme, and executing it in many, strategically sound ways.

In old money this was also known as content repurposing. But content atomization does have a much cooler ring it to it.

A timely reminder in the run up to 2016 of the value in viewing an editorial calendar as a strategic planning tool.

An interesting addition to the list of tactics to employ is Blab.  It’s in beta but worth keeping an eye on.

New research on business blogging performance

Orbit Media Studios has analysed 1000 business bloggers to compare key data trends between 2014 and 2015.

A nice infographic summarises the key research highlights.

It would appear that the message from on high at Google about the reward and recognition given to in-depth articles is getting through.

The segment of blog length gaining the most traction is between 1000 – 1500 words. Blog posts of 1500 words plus have increased 72%.

And not only are they getting longer but their inherent value is gaining recognition from forward thinking employers: ‘more blogging is happening during normal working hours’.

Facebook’s new slideshow

As b2b marketers get to grips with the hidden power of Facebook’s content promotion capabilities, a new platform hits the streets.

Facebook slideshow empowers budget strapped b2b marketers with the ability to create video ads from still images. Designed to primarily hit mobile users, a 5 to 15 second video can be can be created in minutes.

It’s initially being rolled out to the big consumer brands, but the potential applications for b2b marketers who have enjoyed traction from ‘interest’ targeting and remarketing are worth noting.

Think of all those legacy SlideShares and PowerPoints that neatly convey an interesting idea in under 15 seconds. These can now be repurposed into video for a high level of engagement to draw your prospects into your funnel.

With CPC bid prices on Facebook circa 80% cheaper than LinkedIn it could well be worth some early experimentation.

The Festival of Marketing kicks off this week

The Festival of Marketing hits Wapping this week. The speaker line-up looks excellent value for £995 for the two day event.

The trend continues for wheeling out headline speakers from outside the usual marketing guru circuit. Alan Sugar and Monica Lewinsky are certainly breaking the mould here.

Not an obvious b2b looking affair but some interesting looking clinics by Silverpop, Salesforce and Econsultancy.