LinkedIn Groups get an overhaul

LinkedIn has been listening to members and the latest round of updates do, in the main, make absolute sense.

Some of the much needed improvements include:

– Conversations will now be posted instantly to a group without the need for manager approval
– The promotions tab has been removed
– You can now insert images into conversation threads (so be prepared for a Facebook style deluge of cat pictures…)
– You can bring your network into a conversation by typing “@” followed by the group member’s name. They get a notification and hopefully some genuinely useful conversation threads start up.

LinkedIn is perhaps remembering that it did start life as a very useful social platform and not a publishing platform.

Still no word though on when conversion tracking will be in place for sponsored updates and advertising. With bid price inflation seeing no let up, the sooner the better please LinkedIn.


Webinars are the killer tool for turning subscribers to clients

Neil Patel revealed some greats tips for using webinars to accelerate the sales cycle, citing examples from Adobe who convert 19% of webinar attendees into paid customers.

Using content strategically to turn your email subscribers into revenue is one of the toughest challenges in b2b. Neil identifies a series of marginal gains to improve performance, such as:

– Take a specific topic. Make it intriguing and give it the feel of a mini-course. The highest performing webinar titles begin with ‘How-to’

– Arrive 15 minutes early to your webinar and warm the early attendees with a few questions in the chat box. Drive engagement and keep people focused on the upcoming content

– Keep the powder dry. Segment the content into micro topics. Be clear that the most powerful insights are being revealed later

– Throw in an incentive to stay tuned till the very end. This could be as simple as related premium content in the archive or a transcript for easy reference after the webinar

– Don’t be shy about plugging your product or service. With the right framing, the natural progression to the solution element of the show can include an overt pitch

– Poll interactions are very clear indicators of purchase intent

– Small can be beautiful. Position a small attendance (50 people or so) as an opportunity to get intimate and answer as many specific questions as possible

– Always Be Closing. Invest time in developing and articulating the value of a hard offer to promote at the end.


Reasons to be cheerful 123

Jordan Teicher, Editor at Contently, has curated 13 Stats That Should Thrill CMOs.  We’ve grabbed three of the most interesting:

1) 75 percent of marketers generated positive returns from content marketing (Forrester).

2)  PPC may be one of the most mature (and perhaps most boring) channels in the digital mix.  However, 60 percent of marketers, cite pay-per-click advertising to be more effective in 2015 than in 2014 (eMarketer).

3) 74 percent of readers trust educational content from brands—as long as it doesn’t push a sale (Kentico).


Turning Twitter interactions into leads

Socedo announce the launch of a new feature – Organic Lead Export.

Now you can instantly grab prospect profile data for any potential customers who retweet, reply, mention or follow your handle. The data is scraped from social platforms and the web to build up a picture of who they are and where they work. Data collation includes email address.

These ‘leads’ can then be fed into Salesforce or Marketo (the only MA platform currently supported).

In the right hands this could be very powerful relationship building tool to take the conversation from Twitter into your funnel. The age old social media policy of ‘Don’t be Stupid’ probably needs to restated to sales teams. This particular golden goose could be killed quite quickly if the rules of engagement are not clearly defined.