B2b content marketing programmes for the long haul

What’s the mystery ingredient in successful b2b content marketing?


Maintaining a sustained effort, whilst still providing genuine value to your target personas, is not easy. So our programme model is designed to help you wherever you are on your content marketing journey.
Monthly and quarterly fixed deliverables to provide you with a consistent content creation, promotion, conversion and measurement operation.

What do you get?

Soft ROI

Warm fuzzy feelings

Hard ROI

Quarterly reports

- Profile through sustained, intelligent and client-centric communication - Number of leads generated (MQLs)
- Positioning as the market expert on client challenges - Performance of content assets and promotional activity
of companies outsource their content marketing operation. *Content Marketing Institute

What are the options?

Lead flow image Lead Flow

Lead accelerator image Lead Accelerator

A low touch, high impact programme at the top of your funnel that drives qualified leads. A programme that builds upon Lead Flow with a quarterly focus on creating and promoting conversion assets.
Discovery assets created for identified personas for discovery through organic search and social. Conversion assets that capture prospect contact information for lead nurturing and sales opportunity management.
Evergreen assets that drive new business on autopilot. Fixed deliverables, enabling you to plan and control costs. All with the reassurance that high value premium content is being produced and promoted to the highest level of editorial and creative control.

Key features

Key features

  • Dedicated brand journalist immersed in your business and market
  • Dedicated programme manager to manage delivery and keep your workload restricted to sign-offs and approvals
  • Digital executives optimising, promoting and measuring to keep you on top of all the latest techniques
  • Granular tracking and ROI reporting to identify opportunities and improvements.
  • Conversion assets repurposed into multiple formats to create cost efficient discovery assets
  • Advanced promotional strategies to exploit the very latest developments in b2b content marketing
  • Conversion optimisation to maximise lead capture
  • Managed and delivered by a team of b2b content marketing specialists.
Quarterly ROI and performance reports
Dedicated programme manager
R&D team researching and applying the latest b2b content marketing discoveries to your programme