Stuart Crow
Stuart CrowCEO
Stuart has had an unhealthy obsession with all things bright and digital in the world of b2b marketing since 2003.

As co-founder of a UK top 50 b2b marketing agency, Stuart developed demand generation strategies for some of the world’s leading b2b brands.

Occasionally he gets asked to speak at forums such as Forrester, B2B Marketing Magazine and the CIM. But thankfully for all of us, they rarely ask him back.

He’s quite glad Barack Obama has started to get grey hair too. But that’s where the similarities end – except in Stuart’s head. We only made him CEO so he could tell his mum.

Abi Buckley
Abi BuckleyManaging Editor
With a nerd-level inquisitiveness for complex b2b industries, Abi’s diverse experience has taken her from civil engineering to data services, via logistics, m-commerce and global risk management. If there’s a widget that’s useful to somebody, Abi will find an angle (and she’s naturally a wow at dinner parties).

Trained as a journalist with 15 years at the coal face of agency PR and comms, Abi has been trusted to provide the written voice for some of the world’s leading b2b businesses. She now heads our operations, running our team of writers and content creators and ensuring everything we output is creative, editorially water-tight and aligns with client objectives.

In the TV series of her life, Abi imagines herself as CJ from the West Wing. In reality, CJ would have to spend a lot of time on construction sites and factory tours.

Advisory Board

Ian Rhodes
Ian Rhodes
Ian’s career in digital marketing began as a fresh-faced grad heading to London to join a dot-com startup in 1996 (the days when you joined in the conversation if you overheard the word ‘internet’ at the neighbouring restaurant table).

19 years on, Ian wears the scars of an ever evolving industry. Time spent as the European Marketing Director for the world’s largest travel company was followed by building his own online business which he sold in 2008. For the past seven years, Ian has consulted alongside B2B and SaaS businesses putting in place growth strategies and helping companies make their own marketplace online.

You can dive into his ideas at

Tom Cheesewright
Tom Cheesewright
Tom is the founder of applied futurism practice, Book of the Future. He works with organisations to help them to see, share and respond to a coherent vision of tomorrow.

A frequent presence on TV and radio, appearing across the BBC from the Breakfast sofa to Newsround and World Business Report, and as a regular contributor to 5live and Radio 4.

As co-founder of venture-backed big data analytics start-up CANDDi, he has a unique understanding of ‘next practice’ in b2b marketing technology.

Mike Ward
Mike Ward
Mike’s career in journalism peaked early when he interviewed Frank Zappa for his school magazine at the age of 15.

Since then he’s worked in newspapers, for the BBC and in journalism education. He launched the UK’s first journalism degree, China’s first western journalism programme and his book on Online Journalism became an international set text, translated into Korean and Portuguese for the Brazilian market.

Mike’s first novel “The Rags of Time” will be published in 2015.