B2b content marketing with purpose

Contentology provides b2b content marketing services and programmes.

A new world order needs a new approach. Contentology was born in 2015 to look at content marketing with a blank sheet of paper.

Relevance is our raison d’être. We blend newsroom quality content with the latest and most relevant marketing strategies, tools and technologies. We call it purposeful content.
It’s an eclectic mix of journalists, copywriters, digital optimisers, creatives, analysts, strategists, editors, technologists and programme managers.

Our days are mostly spent trying to figure out answers to some tough questions:

  • How do I produce enough high value content to drive engagement and pipeline?
  • Where is my unique brand story that interests, excites, motivates and converts?
  • How do I stop ‘doing’ content marketing in a disparate and inefficient way?
  • How can I even attempt to keep pace with the latest ideas, tools, practices and technologies?
  • And the big one:

  • How can I demonstrate the ROI contribution from my content marketing efforts?

What gets us out of bed to do this?

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